What to Know about Delicious Italian Dessert Recipes

Published: 23rd April 2010
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by Christine Szalay-Kudra

In the history of desserts, famous Italian dessert recipes definitely stand out. Italian desserts range in flavor from bitter to sweet and they go nicely with a glass of wine. In Italy, the locals are just as likely to eat a piece of fruit for dessert as an indulgent, creamy confection.

You might have paid a visit to an Italian bakery and, if so, you will have seen a large range of biscotti and cookies. The Italians enjoy dipping their biscotti in red wine. Many Italian cookies are sweet but not extremely sweet and a lot of the flavoring comes from the light glaze on top, as well as the nuts or candied fruit in the cookies. Biscotti are well known in the United States but the Italians eat more hard, slightly sweet twice baked cookies than biscotti. The cookies are baked twice to remove moisture and make them hard, dry, and crumbly.

Very Famous Italian Desserts

Tiramisu is a wonderful combination of eggs, mascarpone cheese, cocoa, liquor, espresso and lady finger cookies. It originated in Siena and was the preferred dessert of Duke Cosimo de Medici. The recipe spread all over the world with Italian immigrants.

Panettone is a tasty Italian dessert cake. It originated in Milan and is found in cafes and Italian bakeries all over the world during the festive season. Panettone is dome-shaped and flavored with candied fruit and raisins. The Italians eat it with mascarpone cheese or zabaglione custard and some liqueur or wine on the side.

Italian gelato is popular outside Italy and this ice cream is made with sugar, milk and flavoring. Gelato is not churned as much as regular ice cream, which makes it dense rather than airy or light. A lot of Italian desserts are very heavy and they are best eaten in small portions. Perhaps Italian desserts are too rich for you, in which case you can make your own and alter the ingredients to suit your taste.

Jello and Italian Dessert Recipes

Gelato is a great candidate for experimentation with jello. Italian ice cream is nearly free of air, which makes it dense and super heavy. By combining gelato, boiling water, and jello powder, you can create a deliciously light dessert with a nice texture and any jello flavor you like. You can use sugar free jello to halve the calories because half the dessert is jello and the sugar free kind is also calorie free.

If you happen to own an ice cream machine, you can make gelato with kool aid and jello, which tastes great and makes a refreshing dessert on balmy summer evenings. Jello goes with a lot of ingredients, with fruit trifle being a great example.

Jello also goes nicely with fruit pieces, with custard or zabaglione or with chocolate. In fact, it is one of the most versatile dessert ingredients you can get and it is great for making Italian dessert recipes lighter. Dessert making is a creative process and you might feel like making a rich, luxurious tiramisu one day and healthier layer jello recipes the next.

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